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CIL in Ljungby, Sweden provides education and research based on the needs of the business world. Here, university and professional life meet through education, research and seminars in a unique and inspiring collaboration. 
Education and research based on the needs of the business world
CIL was founded 2001 and is based on a close cooperation between Linnaeus University, Swedish and international trade and Industry and the municipality of Ljungby.
Study programs at CIL
Although we provide both academic programs and vocational training courses within the areas Information logistics, Marketing & Sales and Production development there are a few things they all have in common:

Collaboration with partner companies - Our excellent contacts with partner companies makes it possible for us to be able to continually check the content of our courses against the needs and wishes of the companies.

Job focus - After completed studies at CIL, students shall be both "ready to fly" and in demand on the employment market. This is not just a case of theory but also about being given the opportunity to test new knowledge in practice, for example, with one of our partner companies.

Individual support for personal development - CIL provides students with support and development on a personal level. CIL careers provides a platform to begin developing your personal brand while you are already studying, allowing you to face the job market fully prepared. We make it possible for you to satisfy the requirements set by companies – the aim is to gain employment straight after graduation!
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info@cil.se or +46 372 78 00 20
CIL is a small school with ambitious goals in terms of quality and good study results. One of our most important tasks is to ensure that everything functions well for you during your demanding years as a student here.
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For general inquiries
info@cil.se or +46 372 78 00 20

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