Nursing Programme 180 hec

Being a nurse means meeting people in vulnerable situations in need of care. Today, education is both academic and vocational. It contains an exciting mix of theoretical courses and clinical training.

Briefly about the program

The main subject is health science and is about people and human experience of health and illness, suffering and care. The Nursing Program aims to be an education that gives you the tools to promote life and health and relieve suffering in the encounter with the patient and his/her family. The main idea is that care always takes its starting point in the patient's world and that health can be experienced despite suffering. You get an education that will prepare you to participate in today's and tomorrow's healthcare both nationally and internationally. You will be given the opportunity for internationalization through student exchanges inside and outside Europe. The program prepares you for further academic studies in the main field of health sciences and allows you to continue studying for specialist nurse in the area you find most interesting. 

The education is given by Linnaeus University at CIL, Center for Information Logistics in Ljungby. Some lectures and modules will be given in Växjö.

What are you reading?

The education is both academic and vocational. It contains an exciting mix of theoretical courses and clinical training. The program comprises 180 credits corresponding to three years full-time studies. The program includes the main field of health science 90 credits and medical science 37.5 credits. Further, the program includes professionalism 52.5 credits. All courses can be conducted as theoretical and / or practical studies. During the education, health and illness are highlighted from an international, social and diversity perspective.

After studies

As a registered nurse, you can work in many different professional areas with varying tasks and with people of different ages. You can work in municipal healthcare, primary care, end-care and other functions such as the pharmaceutical industry. The basis of the nurse's work is to promote health, prevent illness and relieve suffering based on how the human experiences it.

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Nursing Programme 180 hec
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