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We are proud of our close and long-term collaboration with the industry. Via our partner companies, students are able to come into direct contact with the realities of the business world, with the opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge in practice, right from the very first week. At the same time, the companies have access to fresh knowledge. Not everything needs to be done as it’s always been done, now does it? When the student and the company have got to know each other, then its not unusual that such contact leads to a trainee position or even full employment. In this way both the partner company and the student gain - a win-win situation in other words!
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Would you like to open the door to knowledge from two colleges and a university? As a partner company to CIL your company can easily obtain an extra resource in the form of students who are eager to use their theoretical knowledge in practice. The students can, even at an early stage of their studies, point out possibilities that you had perhaps never thought of.

In the longer term you will have a dream situation for future recruitment as it would be the same students that follow your company during the whole of their studies. As a partner company, your company will also have access to our specialist network of researchers and a series of international seminars and workshops.

The partnership will vary, depending on the course of study the students are following. Contact us and we will give you more information on what it means to be a partner company!

Our partner companies
CIL’s first full time students started their studies in the autumn of 2002. Over time, the number of partner companies has grown. They are a mixture of small and large companies and organisations within manufacturing and service sectors:
AB Oskar Sohlberg
Atlas Copco
Axjo Plastic AB
Bakers AB
Biltema Nordic Services AB
Cad-Quality Sverige AB
Combi Wear Parts AB
DS Smith Packaging Sweden AB
Electrolux Laundry Systems
Emballator Lagan Plast
Enertech AB/CTC
Fortnox AB
Gafs Kartong AB
Gerdmans Inredningar AB
Henjo Plåtteknik AB
HP-tronic AB
IKEA Sverige AB
Interstil Group
Kalmar Industries
Karlshamns hamn
Kontek Lön AB
Kraftelektronik AB
Krönleins bryggeri
Landstinget Kronoberg
Lernia Utbildning AB
Landmann Skandinavia AB
Liljas Personbilar AB
Ljungby Energi AB
Ljungby kommun
Ljungby Maskin AB
Länsförsäkringar Kronoberg
Modulpac AB
Office IT Partner
Opido Plast AB
OEM Automatic AB
Playbox AB
Postterminalen i Alvesta
Spectra Collection AB
Sigma Technology
Sigma AB
Stadium Sweden AB
Subaru Nordic
Sundström Safety AB
Tekniska Verken
Toyota Ljungby
Troja Ljungby
Tylö AB
United Audio Starlight AB
Vida AB
Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo IT
Väderstad-Verken AB
Wulffsupplies AB
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