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CIL is a small school with ambitious goals in terms of quality and good study results. One of our most important tasks is to ensure that everything functions well for you during your demanding years as a student here.

Student accommodations

We make sure that you have good accommodation during your time studying in Ljungby. The municipality offers student accommodation, halls of residence or normal apartments.
All accommodation is located at a reasonable distance, between approximately 5-15 minutes walk to the school´s premises.
There are six student accommodation areas in Ljungby: 
Nålen, Tråden, Hammaren, Brunnsparken, Ljungbergska and Garvaren.

Student association

FAST – Festive Ambitious Students – is the student association at the school.

FAST brightens up student life in Ljungby with parties and sporting events and always has something interesting and fun going on. The association has its own centrally located premises, close to both the school and student accommodation areas. As a member, you will receive a discount in many of Ljungbys stores and at restaurants and clubs.

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Student in Ljungby, Sweden

Ljungby has a population of approximately 27,000 of whom more than 15,000 live in the centre of the municipality. Ljungby is quite a small town, with everything that this entails in the form of closeness and accessibility.

As Ljungby is located relatively independently in relation to other towns, most things are available here. But if you would like to widen your horizons, its only 60 kilometres to Växjö or 70 kilometres to the sea at Halmstad. By car, it takes a little more than an hour to drive to Helsingborg and onward to Denmark.

Just like so many other towns of the same size, spontaneous entertainment or night life is not so widespread. Despite this, there are a surprising number of places to meet people - pubs, restaurants and cafés and there are frequently top quality, well known artists who perform here. There are also many other things that you can do. Hundreds of clubs and associations are open for new members - and not just sports clubs. If you are interested in nature, the possibilities are endless.

Our current students have, of course, made sure that there is a functioning and very lively, reasonably priced student pub here.

Students at CIL

Jingfeng Zeng, Student
Jonathan Bjurestam, International Sales and Marketing 
The International Sales and Marketing program was an easy choice for me. I've been out and about the last couple of years, since I enjoy traveling and broadening my perspective of the world. Therefore, I knew that the ISM program at CIL was a perfect match. The benefits are many. The international aspect was crucial, as I live by the motto ”There’s nothing so stable as change". Throughout the education we also get to work close with companies in industrial markets. One exchange semester, an internship, or the chance of obtaining a double degree in Behrn, were aspects which got me to CIL. Last but definitely not least, was the perk of getting a degree that combines marketing and sales, which I perceive to be the most valuable benefit of this program. 
Philip Fredriksson, student International Sales & Marketing
Philip Fredriksson, International Sales and Marketing
I have during a few years though of studying sales but since I grew up in Ljungby I felt like I wanted to broaden my view. When I realised that the International Sales & Marketing program had abroad studies I made my choice to become a student here in Ljungby and I'm glad I did. The education is a perfect combination where you work a lot with partner companies to put theory into practice as well as going abroad to get a more global understanding of sales & marketing. Those of you who want to work with either of these subjects, this is the education for you. See you in school!

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CIL is a small school with ambitious goals in terms of quality and good study results. One of our most important tasks is to ensure that everything functions well for you during your demanding years as a student here.
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